eaReckon has announced it has updated ANALOG87 Series to version 1.1.4 and FREE87 Series to version 1.1.1.

eaReckon ANALOG87

ANALOG87 Series comprises compressor, gate, equalizer, limiter, and channel strip plugins.

Changes in ANALOG87 Series v1.1.4

  • ‘Mono to Mono’ and ‘Mono to Stereo’ routing capabilities have been added to the AU version. Logic users should now have the possibility to place the plug-ins on a mono track without pressing the alt/option key.
  • Mac OS X installers have been improved in order to get rid of a rare but potential authorization issue.
  • PR-EQUA87 and CS-STRIP87:
    • New individual (per band) bypass switches.
    • Smoother ‘Cut Filters’ on/off switches.

The FREE87 Series plugins, which feature the internal magic of the ANALOG87 Series, have been improved to take the benefit from changes and fixes made to their big brothers during the past few months.

The ANALOG87 Series pack is available to purchase for 99 EUR for the bundle of all 5 plugins, or individually starting at 29 EUR. Registered users of the full version can get updated installers from their user account.

More information: eaReckon