eaReckon has announced version 1.2.0 of its ANALOG87 Series of effect plug-ins, which now includes MD-GATE87.

eaReckon MD-GATE87

SD-GATE87 is the MIDI version of the SD-GATE87 sidechain gate and “duck” effect plug-in.

It features a MIDI input but no audio sidechain. With its MIDI option disabled, it works exactly the same as SD-GATE87 (in non-sidechain mode).

Once the MIDI option enabled, the gate is controlled by a single MIDI note (a “Learn” function will help you to assign it the easy way).

Different MIDI modes are available (these are described in the updated manual):
– In Gate mode: Trigger, Unmute and Play.
– In Duck mode: Trigger, Mute (A) and Mute (L).

Changes in ANALOG87 Series v1.2.0

    [SD-GATE87/SD-COMP87]: Important improvement of the reference section and sidechain processing.
    [SD-GATE87] With the (thresholds) ‘Link’ option enabled, it is now possible to adjust both (high and low) thresholds by manipulating any of the two threshold knobs.
    [SD-GATE87] Improved precision of the fine tuning option (Shift + Mouse) of some knobs (Attack, Hold, Release).
    [PR-EQUA87] Improved frequency analyzer: higher “resolution”, new ‘Threshold’ and ‘Release’ controls.
    [CS-STRIP87] New ‘Signal Flow’ option that can be used to change the order of effects.

The ANALOG87 Series for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 99 EUR. The MD-GATE87 is free for registered users of SD-GATE87.

More information: EaReckon / ANALOG87 Series