eaReckon EARebound

eaReckon has updated the EARebound delay effect plugin for Windows and Mac to version 1.0.2.

EARebound is a full-featured multi-delay plug-in which has been designed to meet a specific need : to quickly create rhythm lines from percussive sounds recorded in various environments (natural, urban, industrial, …).

Changes in EARebound v1.0.2

  • Solo Mode — Each line (except the “Global Delay”) can be soloed for very specific tone shaping.
  • More divisions — 32th and 64th (+ triplet / dotted) divisions have been added to Modulation and Delay Time Division menus. 32th and 64th sequences are also available from the “Delay Time” menu (“Time Line” view).
  • Global Edit modes (“Mix View” only).
    By activating one of the two provided “Global Edit” modes, you can now change a same parameter across all delay lines (input and global delay settings are excluded from the global edit process).
  • Updated manuals.

EARebound for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit, VST/AU) is available to purchase for 99 EUR.

More information: eaReckon / EARebound