eaReckon has updated EAReverb 2, its true stereo reverb plugin for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.1.0 comes with a new option for the “1>2 Plate” algorithm (dual decay), as well as various improvements and fixes.

EAReverb 2 is a 100% algorithmic reverb plug-in (32/64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, AAX).

It features the “Natural” core engine of the original EAReverb but also brings a plethora of new algorithms and functionalities accessible from a totally revised user interface.

Compared to the former EAReverb which focuses on simulating natural environments, EAReverb 2 can then be considered as a more holistic answer to your reverb needs.

Changes in EAReverb v2.1.0

  • “1>2 Plate” dual decay — It is now possible to set the decay time independently, for each of the two frequency ranges that are defined by a crossover value.
  • Revised pre-delay knob behavior — EAReverb 2 computes the late reverb’s build-up time (depending on the algorithm, …) and internally considers this time as a minimum (unchangeable) pre-delay.This helps to get more consistent results when synchronizing the late reverb to tempo. The pre-delay value, that is displayed on the interface, now has this (build up time) value as its minimum accessible value. The pre-delay knob curve is not linear anymore. It should make it easier to fine tune, when a short time is needed.
  • Automation: better handling of the “position point” related parameters in the context of some specific DAWs.
  • Fixes a rare bug that could make the host crash when removing the plug-in while its GUI is opened (AU only – DAW/OS specific).
  • Updated manuals.

eaReverb 2 is available from eaReckon and distributor Plugin Boutique for 129 EUR.

More information: eaReckon / eaReverb 2