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easytoolz releases easy-muug XT, virtual synthesizer plugin


easytoolz has released easy-muug XT, an “emulation” of the Minimoog synthesizer.

easytoolz easy-muug XTeasytoolz easy-muug XT

easy-muug XT features

  • 3 Oscilators with 6 Waveforms (Triangle, Saw, Ramp and 3 different Pulses).
  • Tuning over 5 Octaves (2´-4´-8´-16´-32´) and Lo (Sub-audio) – Finetune.
  • Mixersection (Osc 1-3, Noise and Externel (Overdrive).
  • Special Low-Pass-Filter with Cutoff, Emphasis and ADS Envelope.
  • 2 ADS-Envelopes (one for Filter – one for VCA-Amplifier) with Release-button.
  • OSC 3 as Modulator > (Osc 1+2-Mod) and > Filter Cutoff – Keyrange-mod (Cutoff).
  • Glide – Legato on/off – Mod-Mix (Osc3-Noise) – Volume.
  • Additonal to the Original-Features:.
  • Velocity – Mono/Poly (max 12 Voices) – Reverb – Delay with Pan-LFO´s.
  • Unison-Function with Detune – LFO with :5 waves modulate-> – Cutoff,.
  • Emphasis,Pitch,Pulse-width1-2, Phase-mod 1-3 and Unison-Detune.
  • All Modulations are routed to the ModWheel !! (Midi-CC 14).
  • 2 additional Ramp Generators with several Targets.
  • Midi-Learn-function.

easy-muug XT for Windows (VST) is available for a donation of 7.50 EUR. It includes 128 presets by Kujashi. A free demo version can be downloaded from the easytoolz website (noise burst every 50 sec.)

More information: easytoolz

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