Samplab has announced the release of a desktop version of its AI-powered software that lets you edit harmonic audio samples as if you made them yourself.

Previously available as a VST3/AU plugin, the desktop app includes additional features such as advanced audio warping, key detection, automatically adjusting the tempo and key of samples to each other, making changes to length, volume and offset of notes.

A lot of time is spent listening to loops on pages like splice and when you find a sample you absolutely love, it’s most likely not fitting perfectly with your previous work. With Samplab this problem can easily be solved.

All it takes is one drag and drop to automatically analyse and warp the sample to match tempo and key of the project. The AI then splits the polyphonic audio into it’s notes such that they can be edited in a piano roll similar to midi notes. This allows changing chord progressions or melodies with infinite possibilities, from changing the timing and pitch of individual notes to copying and deleting them and even changing their length and volume.

The application is also capable of stretching and pitch shifting the processed audio in real time while preserving the transients of detected notes. The workflow has been designed to make Samplab an ideal quick stop between your sample library and your DAW before your sound heads to the charts.

Available for Windows and macOS, the free basic version of Samplab can process audio files with a maximum duration of 10 seconds and outputs in mono.

The premium version is has an early adopter price of 6.99 EUR/$7.99 USD per month or 69.99 EUR/$79.99 USD year. It allows up to 100 seconds per audio file and offers stereo output.

More information: Samplab