Ele4Music 8-Track VST

EFM has released 8-Track v0.2, a VST plug-in that can record audio projects. 8-Track is based on the classis cassette portable studio but adds new functions that can only be done without using tape.

Many controls can be automated and projects can be saved as patches. Tracks can be manipulated (reverse, loop, restart, speed up/down, etc.) or recorded as you would with a regular tape deck.


  • Stereo Mixdown Recorder
  • Single Button Mixdown
  • Manual play on each track
  • Tracks can be unhooked from playback
  • Setup Page – Click the “8-track” button
  • Automation
  • Midi Learn
  • Patch Bank – Save bank to save projects w/control recall

A tutorial is available from EFM (not anymore, sorry). Get the latest version of 8-Track.