Loopmasters has announced a new sample pack that offers an in-depth view into the production mindset of one of the originators in the UK acid movement.

The royalty free Original Acid House collection by Egebamyasi is ready to bring old-skool rave vibes into your productions.

Loopmasters Egebamyasi Original Acid House

Aimed at ravers, acid heads old & new, and any human beings in general who are looking for raw, minimal acid house, this pack features the sounds of every classic machine responsible for shaping the original acid house boom – the deep basslines of the 303, the slamming rhythms of the 707, 808 & 909, the CR-78, the SH101 and more.

Egebamyasi is a Scottish musician credited as one of the early exponents of Acid House music and a founding father of the European Acid House music scene. He holds legendary status in the techno community. In 1983, he first heard what went on to be acid house, by chance, playing on John Peel’s radio show. This was his first introduction to the sound of a Roland TB-303. It was then that Egebamyasi started playing acid music – in early 1984…. Before anyone knew what to call it.

Egebamyasi continus to thrive from a wealth of innovative record releases to pursue a punishing tour schedule across the clubs and festivals of UK and Europe, large and small. In many instances, his music been supported by, the very top artists including Carl Cox, Marshall Jefferson, Cajmere, System 7, Mark Archer Altern 8. Eat Static and many, many more!

The pack includes:

  • 210 303 Acid Loops.
  • 85 909 Drum Loops.
  • 29 707 Drum Loops.
  • 28 808 Drum Loops.
  • 24 CR78 Drum Loops.
  • 23 SH101 Synth Loops.
  • 22 606 Drum Loops.
  • 19 CR68 Drum Loops.
  • 14 SH101 Bass Loops.
  • 89 Drum Hits.
  • 86 Vocal Phrases.
  • 72 Bass Hits.
  • 43 Synth Hits.
  • 5 Synth Multis.
  • 454 Rex2 Files.
  • 126 Soft Sampler Patches.

Original Acid House costs £24.95 GBP, with parts sold separately starting from £8.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters