Elan Hickler Tiny Box

Elan Hickler has released Tiny Box, a music box sample library.

Tiny Box features

  • Recorded in 24-bit / 96,000khz.
  • 15 tone musical box in the key of G#.
  • 14 alternative samples per tone, 210 samples total.
  • Range is G3 to A5.
  • Available in formats: Kontakt, SFZ, Shortcircuit.
  • Coming soon for registered users: A version of the sample library with crank noises.

A demo mp3 can be downloaded here (first two melodies dry, third melody using EQ and KarmaFX reverb) and a manual is available for download as well.

Tiny Box is available for $15 USD. Since Elan doesn’t have a website for this sample library yet, you can simply PayPal him and you’ll receive the download details per email.

Check this thread at KVR Audio for details.