MoMinstruments has released version 1.9 of Elastic Drums, a music app for iOS.
The update includes a new sampler engine with sample pitch, reverse, envelope, and a looper function.

MoMinstruments Elastic Drums

Elastic Drums is a music app showcasing an interactive drum kit, that enables to create a huge range of rhythmic grids, ranging from classical analog drumkits up to experimental soundscapes.

It contains six channels of high quality synthesized drum sounds, a step sequencer and 4 effect channels. All important control parameters are automatable. The result: Elastic drum composition with a unique character!

Changes in Elastic Drums v1.9

  • New SAMPLER engine, with sample pitch, reverse, envelope, and a genuine looper function.
  • Sample import via iTunes, eMail or AudioShare after purchasing the “sample import” option.
  • Record your microphone input after purchasing the “sample import” option.
  • Velocity/Automate edit view on iPad, via longtap velocity/automat button.
  • Copy instr + seq in Instr option sub screen.
  • Fixed badly working Midi Sync out start/stop behavior.
  • DoubleTap on instr parameters will set knob to default.
  • Mute/solo labels on instr. buttons.
  • Selecting + longtap on an instruments preset or user sample will open a delete overlay.
  • Warning, if you really want to change to another preset, if you made edits to the current one.
  • Updated to newest libPD version 0.10.
  • Version info in info overlay screen.

Elastic Drums is available for purchase for 6.99 EUR/USD. Sample Import is available as an In-App purchase for 4.99 EUR/USD.

More information: MOMinstruments