Oliver Greschke of MoMinstruments has announced an update to the Elastic Drums app for iOS. Version 2.4 is a maintenance update with various improvements and bug fixes.

With Update 2.4 structuring of samples and presets has been changed: InApp Purchase sample kits are now only loaded when needed, the more than 200 presets are now also available as free downloads. This has reduced the size of the app by 2/3. You will find the downloaded files in the apps document folder, also visible via the „Files“ app.

Changes in Elastic Drums v2.4

  • iOS 14 Ableton Link support and Ableton Link SDK Update.
  • Ability to set Sync delay for Ableton Link, IAA and Midi Sync to reduce latency to host.
  • InApp Purchases are outside the app now and get downloaded from the Store … resulting in much smaller app size.
  • Design improvements for newer iPhone and iPad (10,9“) devices.
  • Factory Presets and IAP Samples have their own folder in the documents section.
  • ‘Open in’ now also works with files from Files app.
  • Bugfix: Bluetooth crash due to missing certificate.
  • Bugfix for iPad 8 buzzed sound.
  • Updated/cleaned factory presets, added new Presets from Servando.
  • Updated Bill Jobs IAP kit (more presets, more samples).
  • New Sample kit from Sound Provider aka Leonard de Leonard.
  • Enabled desktop iPad version for Mac machines with Silicon / M1 processor.

Elastic Drums is $9.99 USD at the App Store, with various features available as an In-App purchase.

More information: MoMinstruments