Electronisounds has launched Ableton Uber Template – Bass Music, a sound pack featuring drums, bass chops, synth and melodic chops, chords, foley, vocal chops, fx sounds and more.

Electronisounds Ableton Uber Template Bass Music

Loading the template into Ableton Live will put 1,024 bass music samples at your fingertips! 16 drum racks (each filled with 64 samples) will be ready-to-go for you to start playing/jamming/writing immediately!

Every sample is tempo-locked at 140bpm and in the key of Fminor – this will save you the tedious search of matching elements from different sample packs. All of these samples were specially created to fit together and keep you WRITING and CREATING, not searching for matching sound content. 3 tutorial videos with instructions, advice, tips and tricks on how to use this template creatively are also included!

Ableton Uber Template – Bass Music is available for purchase for $24.99 USD.

Electronisounds is also giving away a free instrument rack for Ableton Live filled with 128 Bass Music chord samples.

More information: Electronisounds