Known for its sample packs and Digitakt sound banks, Electronisounds has released Adrenalize, a new sound bank for the vintage Electribe ESX-1 Groovebox.

Adrenalize features, 326 new custom sounds and 64 new patterns – hand-crafted by Dean Daughters (Prizm Prime).

This retro sampler/groovebox has a sound and a soul all it’s own, and it can still be a wonderful compliment to your studio setup or live rig! The “Adrenalize” sound bank will inject a whole new life into this red beauty!

The pack includes:

  • 256 mono samples: 36 basses, 20 chords (all tuned to fminor), 12 claps, 25 closed hats, 10 fx, 28 kicks, 10 open hats, 20 percussion, 5 rides, 5 rims, 6 shakers, 15 slice loops, 17 snares, 35 synths, 11 toms.
  • 70 stereo samples: 2 basses, 28 chords (all tuned to fminor), 7 fx, 6 kicks, 2 pads, 15 stretch loops, 8 snares, 2 synths.
  • 64 new patterns for you to copy, dissect, mangle, remix, tweak, chop, sample, make new tracks with and generally get new inspiration from.
  • Requires Electribe ESX-1 (Wav samples will also work inside any DAW or hardware that accepts standard wav samples).

The sound pack is available for the intro price of $24.99 USD for a limited time (regular $34.99 USD).

More information: Electronisounds