Electronisounds Atomic Energy

Electronisounds has released Atomic Energy, a collection of 1,300+ samples well-suited to up-tempo and “Hi-Energy” electronica.

If you like to produce cranking up-tempo electronic tracks, this collection will be right up your alley! I’ve included loops from 110 to 180 bpm on this project, with the majority of the loops being over 140bpm.

You’ll get drumloops, bass and synth riffs, grinding FX, pads, one-shots, multi-samples, drums – It’s ALL HERE!

All of the drumloops here are provided in .wav AND .rex2 format – allowing you to use them at multiple tempos quickly and easily.

Atomic Energy features

  • Drum Sounds: Over 575 individual one-shot drum samples. 14 huge drumkits with all the sounds you need to kick your own original beats or make your own fills and turn-arounds. Everything from Lo-Fi crunches and splats to seriously phat tekno kicks, extra-crisp snares and super-tight hi-hats. All categorized and labeled within 14 drumkits.
  • One-Shots: 172 Individual one-shots of Bass, Synth and Pad sounds. All the new sounds you need to make countless original songs of your own.
  • Multi-Samples: Six super-kickin’ original multi-sampled sounds created by Junebug for you to feed your favorite sampler — Dark Mooger, Deep Syn Pad, Deepa Bass, Dry Saw Lead, Sawblade, Simple Acid.
  • Inspiration Kits: Nine “groove-kits” to help get you started making tracks quickly or just give you inspiration — Tempos from 100bpm to 144bpm.

Atomic Energy is available to purchase as a download for $24.99 USD.

More information: Electronisounds