Elektron has launched a public beta of version 1.10 of Overbridge, the integration software that bridges the gap between your Elektron analog hardware and your music studio software.

Elektron Overbridge 1.10 public beta

The new Overbridge version, in combination with the features introduced by OS 1.22, greatly enhances the depth of the DAW integration for the Analog range of machines, as well as their individual functionality.

Changes in Overbridge 1.10 public beta

  • Total Recall of all machine parameters from the DAW project.
  • Support for Mac OS X El Capitan.
  • Improved support for the AU plugin format and Logic Pro X host.
  • Improved support for other hosts than Ableton Live.
  • Big UI overhaul and usability improvements.
  • Multiple output buses now available also in AU plugin versions.
  • Plugin sidechain inputs now available, for analog processing of DAW audio via the plugin.
  • Improved timing performance for the sequencer sync.
  • Smaller host buffer sizes now supported.
  • Automatable track mutes for the Elektron sequencer.

The public beta of Overbridge 1.10 can be downloaded from the Elektron website. The download includes a changelog outlining all 1.10 improvements. The Overbridge user manual has been updated to reflect the added features. The document can be downloaded from the Overbridge beta repository.

In addition to the substantial Overbridge update, OS 1.22 for Analog Keys/Four and Analog Rytm has also been made available.

Changes in OS 1.22 for Analog Keys/Four & Analog Rytm

  • Sequencer note conditions. Probability, modulo, and fill modes etc.
  • Free-running LFO modes, disconnected from BPM.
  • Analog Keys/Four only: Pitch-tracking LFO modes for FM-type sounds (also new modulation destinations for linear pitch modulation).

OS 1.22 for the Analog range of machines, and the updated user manuals, can be downloaded from the Elektron website. The OS download includes a change log outlining all OS 1.22 improvements.

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