Elektron has announced version 1.15 of Overbridge, a ground breaking and award-winning software suite that allows full DAW integration for compatible Elektron hardware.

Elektron Overbridge update

Most notably, Overbridge 1.15 adds support for the stereo analog sound processor Analog Heat. In addition to this, Overbridge 1.15 adds macOS Sierra support, along with a host of other improvements and fixes, for the Analog Rytm and Analog Keys/Four software.

In order for Analog Heat, Analog Rytm and Analog Keys/Four to take advantage of Overbridge 1.15, new firmware for the products has also been made available.

Overbridge for Analog Heat
With Overbridge, Analog Heat can essentially be handled just like a software VST/AU plugin. All parameters are accessible from a beautiful and streamlined graphical user interface and all audio can be conveniently streamed between Analog Heat and DAW via USB. Overbridge even allows the Analog Heat to be used as a 2 in/2 out sound card.

Overbridge for Analog Heat highlights

  • Fully integrate Analog Heat with DAW environments.
  • Control Analog Heat with a dedicated VST/AU plugin interface.
  • Stream multiple audio channels via USB (24 bit/48 kHz).
  • Use Analog Heat as a 2 in/2 out sound card (CoreAudio/ASIO/WDM).
  • High resolution parameter automation from DAW.
  • USB 2.0 compliant, compatible with USB 3 ports.
  • Dark and Light GUI themes.
  • Supports a wide range of DAWs.
  • Mac (including macOS Sierra) and Windows support.

Overbridge 1.15 for Analog Rytm and Analog Keys/Four

  • macOS Sierra support.
  • Dark and Light GUI themes.
  • MIDI keyboard/pad for note triggering integrated in GUI.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Firmware updates
To enjoy the benefits of Overbridge 1.15, Analog Heat, Analog Rytm and Analog Keys/Four require the newly updated firmware to be installed.

The new firmware versions are:

  • Analog Heat: OS 1.02.
  • Analog Rytm: OS 1.31.
  • Analog Keys/Four: OS 1.24.

It is important to notice that Overbridge 1.15 requires OS upgrades for all your Elektron machines. It is not possible to use Overbridge 1.15 with previous Elektron OS:es, and it is also not possible to use the new Elektron OS:es with older Overbridge installations!

The updated firmware can be downloaded for free in the Support section of the Elektron website.

More information: Elektron / Overbridge