Elevayta Player Boy

Elevayta has released Player Boy, an application which converts any Elevayta plug-in to a stand alone audio application.

Simply drop an Elevayta VST plug-in onto ‘Player Boy’, or load it via the GUI, and you instantly have a dedicated audio processing application that plays and processes the audio .wav files you select. To begin processing, simply drop the .wav file you wish to process onto ‘Player Boy’, select an output directory and press ‘Process’. ‘Player Boy’ plays and processes the .wav file through the loaded Elevayta plug-in and records the result to the file at the location of your choice.

Player Boy features

  • Works with ALL Elevayta plug-ins, demos, lite & products.
  • Processes and records from .wav to .wav format files.
  • Master volume and balance.
  • Button for bypass of VST processing.
  • Button for mute of audio output.
  • All settings preserved between sessions.
  • Drag and drop loading of audio files, VST plug-ins and preset banks.
  • Selectable audio output device.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

Visit Elevayta for more information.