Embrays Designs has announced the release of a collection of 100 presets for the Phrasebox MIDI arpeggiator/sequencer plugin by Venomode.

The pack includes 100 presets divided into 10 categories, with an average of 5 different phrases for each presets (total of 528 phrases).

For me personally, Phrasebox has become my go to MIDI Plugin, it’s very useful when you want to focus on Chords and you can instantly hear Interesting Inspiring Rhythms / Riffs, also it helps in deciding on a preset quickly and how they’ll groove with your work in progress Tracks.

There’s so many different and useful ways it can help everyone, from Beginners to Professional Cinematic Productions.

Hopefully this Plugin and the Preset Pack both become your go to favourite as well, Enjoy and Use it to the Max.

The presets pack is available for $15 USD.

More information: Embrays Designs