Embrays Designs has announced the release of a collection of 220 presets for the EchoBoy delay effect plugin by Soundtoys.

The pack includes 7 categories with 31 presets each: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keys, Synths and Bonus.

Studied each of the 31 Factory Algorithms on EchoBoy, tried tons of different settings to figure Which Instrument works effectively with What Preset settings. The Result is Best Presets for each category using 31 different Algorithms.

Quick Useable Presets and tweaked in detail to Perfection.

The pack is available for purchase at Embrays Designs, priced $15 USD.

Rekkerd readers can take advantage of a special offer. The new EchoBoy collection, as well as the previously released Soundtoys EffectRack collection are available at a $4 discount by using coupon code rekkerd at the checkout. The offer is valid through the end of November.