Embrays Designs has announced a new presets collection for the BYOME modular effect by Unfiltered Audio.

The pack includes 100 presets in 15 different categories:

  1. Gating: gating of sounds.
  2. Voice Changer: drastically change your voice.
  3. Creative Sidechain: classic sidechaining.
  4. Stutter: stutter your grooves.
  5. Risers: take any sound and make it rise for the next drop.
  6. Reverse: reverse any sound real time.
  7. Delays: unique delays.
  8. Reverb: huge wet reverbs.
  9. Modulations: mod modules to the max.
  10. Pitch: plays with the pitch of your sounds.
  11. Guitar: specially for guitars.
  12. Granulator: using grains to slow down playback and more.
  13. Drums: drums get heavy treatment.
  14. Distortion: distortion modules.
  15. Random: random preset generated but fixed to standard.

The collection is available for $15 USD.

More information: Embrays Designs