Emerge Audio Dubstep Destruction

Emerge Audio has launched Dubstep Destruction, a sound pack for the BeatMaker 2 app by Intua.

Dubstep destruction is a premium soundset of 50 keyboard instruments and 20 modern drum kits. Included in the pack are a large number of dirty and agressive modulation wobbles, growls, fxs, distorted basses, plucks, leads and pads.

These presets were created with maximum “tweakability” and flexibility in mind. Therefore wobbles are tempo-controled by Lfo speed, pads and leads attack and release can be easily set from 0ms to maximum.
In addition You can also find 20 drum kits for modern music genres.

Dubstep Destruction features

  • 50 high quality keyboard instruments (wobbles, basses, growls, sfx, pads, pluck, leads).
  • 20 drum kits (for dubstep, drum and bass, electronica, progressive trance and other styles).
  • 2 extras patches (low layers) for adding wobbles low frequencies, among drum kits You can find 2 kits with special effects (untuned) and one with wooshes.
  • All samples are high quality, looped without any pops and clicks giving about 260MB of sounds (more than 700 samples in total).

The soundset is available to purchase from the Beatmaker in-app store, priced at $5.99 USD.

More information: Emerge Audio / Dubstep Destruction