Emergence Audio has released a textural ambient piano collection crafted by founder and multi-award-winning composer Michael Vignola.

Perfect for composers, ambient artist and sound designers seeking depth and innovation in their musical projects, Infinite Upright stands as a pinnacle of Emergence Audio’s commitment to blending organic sounds with cutting-edge sound design techniques.

Explore a rich landscape of sounds, from serene ambient textures to stirring harmonics. Infinite Upright offers essential tools for artists aiming to fuse the emotional depth of classical piano with contemporary sound design possibilities. Dive into a world of musical innovation with Infinite Upright.

Infinite Upright features

  • Rich Vintage Tones: Captured from a vintage 1980s Baldwin Upright, known for its unique resonance and character, providing a warm and authentic sound that is rich in emotion.
  • Advanced Sound Design: Using a combination of Eurorack modular systems, advanced digital and analog processing, Emergence Audio’s Non-Static Sampling™ process, and powered by the Infinite Motion Engine™ 2.0, each note sampled incorporates subtle and unique variations over a long period. This technique preserves the natural complexity and richness of live instrumentation, adding depth, realism, and a constantly evolving quality to the sounds.
  • Versatile Soundscape: Infinite Upright covers a wide soundscape, from the ethereal gentleness of ambient layers to the intensity of evocative harmonics and tactile, organic textures. This versatility makes it ideal for film scoring, ambient music, thematic songwriting, and dynamic sound design.
  • Innovative Sampling Techniques: Developed by Michael Vignola, the Non-Static Sampling™ process and Infinite Motion Engine™ 2.0 enhance the acoustic qualities of the piano while allowing precise sound shaping and modulation for added dimension.
  • Seamless Integration: Infinite Upright is made for the Kontakt Player and is NKS compatible, ensuring it integrates smoothly into any workflow and provides a versatile tool that stretches the boundaries of music production. It encourages artists to meld classical and contemporary styles, exploring new musical landscapes.

Infinite Upright is available to purchase for the introduction price of $99 USD for a limited time (regular $149 USD).

More information: Emergence Audio