Empty Room Systems EMpTy 250

Empty Room Systems has announced the release of Mac versions of the EMpTy 250, a reverb effect plug-in.

The original EMT-250, the reverb is based on, audio lovers praise for its warm and lush reverb. ERS identified its specifics and reinvented the sound in a modern technology tool. The warm welcome of the pilot and enhancing quality since, now results in this new commercial release.

Through a simple concept download –and-pay-plug in-and-play, the reverb can be used in all the common programs that support the VST and AU format like Nuendo, Cubase, Logic, Reaper etc. The Mac version uses the ilok protectionscheme and will need the ilok dongle. Updates that will follow, will need the second generation iLok.

EMpTy 250 is available to purchase for 129 EUR.

More information: EMpTy Room Systems