Empty Room Systems Dim D

Empty Room Systems has updated Dim D Chorus, a chorus effect plug-in for Windows.

Our Dim D Chorus is a replication of the SDD-320 Dimension D chorus build by Roland. This chorus is famous for delivering a subtle, stereoizing enhancing, airy effect while adding more presence to a sound. Most chorus products give a lot of modulation and do not keep the original structure of the sound in tact. This chorus is way more subtle and adds something and does not take away the original quality of the sound.On our review page you can see the extensive reports of people using this new plug-in.

Changes in Dim D Chorus v1.0.2

  • Keyfile protection system.
  • Personalised versions.
  • Knob behavior can now be controlled by the user.
  • 32 and 64 bits versions.
  • No additional licenses needed for more computers you own.
  • Later on: free Mac version in the package (currently in beta).

Dim D for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 59 EUR.

More information: Empty Room Systems