Empty Vessel has introduced Empathy, a new soundset featuring a collection of 30 sounds that explore the broad capabilities of XILS-lab’s Oxium analog synthesizer emulation.

Empty Vessel Empathy for XILS Lab Oxium

The sounds are mainly warm, ambient, wonky, evolving, dusty and rich with a Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss feel.

A few more random additions sneaked in just because I came across a few cool sounds during the sound design process and wanted to include them.

Empathy features

  • 1 init patch.
  • 2 arpeggios.
  • 5 basses.
  • 1 fx/drone.
  • 3 keys.
  • 3 leads.
  • 11 pads.
  • 1 percussion (Hang Drum).
  • 3 plucks.
  • 1 string sound.

The Empathy soundset is available for $9.50 USD (or more if you wish).

More information: Empty Vessel