Empty Vessel Sound Design has announced Imperfectionist, a new sample library for the TAL Sampler by Togu Audio Line.

Empty Vessel Imperfectionist for TAL Sampler

In the vein of my previous Dystopia sample pack for the TAL Sampler I present another 80 patches of dark ambient textures, pads and keys, dubby stabs and dirty, sub-heavy dusty basses. If you enjoyed Dystopia then you should enjoy these.

360Mb of fresh, original samples sourced from field recordings, vintage analog, modern digital – processed, re-synthesised and generally painstakingly mangled and mashed then left in a dusty attic for 6 months.

These samples have then been lovingly assembled using the various DAC models of the TAL Sampler to add crust, grit, crunch, dirt and artifacts into a set of patches suitable for dark, dubby, bass-orientated genres; ambient, experimental, dub-techno, D&B etc.

The sample pack is available as a “pay what you want” download.

More information: Empty Vessel Sound Design / Imperfectionist