World Vinyl Collection

Enchanted Circle Drums has announced the release of the World Vinyl Collection, a collection of all-vinyl ethnic percussion samples.

Designed for rhythmatists and musicians who love the sound of vinyl, this collection brings together a vast array of hand drums and global percussion into one organic and easy-to-use vinyl drum library.

World Vinyl Collection features

  • 7500+ World Vinyl percussion samples (1.3 GB).
  • Mastered and pressed to vinyl at Dub Studio (UK).
  • 16bit 44.1khz stereo wav files for immediate use in any DAW/sampler.
  • Extensive Conga, Djembe and Tabla libraries for round-robin and realistic emulation (2300 files).
  • 2100 Vinyl auxiliary percussion samples (shakers, tambourines, claves, bells, claps, guiros, etc.).
  • 900 Vintage vinyl single-shot percussion sounds.
  • 1300 Single-shot assorted vinyl world drums.
  • 170 samples of vintage vinyl crackle and ambiance.
  • All nicely organized by drum type and model used.
  • 100% royalty free high quality vinyl drum samples.

The World Vinyl Collection costs $39 USD. The Free Vinyl Pack with 100 samples from the collection is available to download at no cost.

More information: Enchanted Circle Drums