Encounters Media releases Dance’n 90s, New Wave’n 80s & Rock for Synth1


Encounters Media has released three soundsets in the Synth1 Godly Famous Bank series.

Godly Synth1 Famous Banks

Synth1 is a software synthesizer designed by Ichiro Toda. It was originally designed as an emulation of the Nord Lead 2 synthesizer, and has since become a unique Virtual Studio Technology instrument and one of the most downloaded VST plug-ins of all time.

The software used to be a DirectX instrument plugin, but became solely VSTi from version 1.08 on. Version 1.13 was the first version to introduce a native 64-bit version of the plugin.

Synth1 Godly Famous Bank soundsets

  • Dance’n 90s (128 patches)
    A hit collection of the best famous Dance and 90’s sounds for Synth1 VST. Daft Punk, Rihanna, Fedde Le Grand, Benny Benassi, Britney Spears, Blood Hound Gang, Kylie Minogue, Faithless, Prodigy, Daan, Basement Jaxx, Netsky, Snap, Swedish Housemaffia, LMFAO, Dimitri Vegas, Martin Solveig, Felix, and much more!
  • New Wave’n 80s (100 patches)
    A hit collection of the best famous 80’s sounds for Synth1 VST. Eurythmics, Human League, Nena, Europe, The Cure, Duran Duran, Queen, Depeche Mode, Prince, Simple Minds, Gary Numan, Yazoo, typical D-50 sounds, and much more!
  • Rock (100 patches)
    A hit collection of the best famous Rock sounds for Synth1 VST. Van Halen, Pink Floyd, The Who, Glenn Miller, Sisters of Mercy, Journey, ELP, Muse, Rammstein, Genesis, Golden Earing, Simple Minds, Foreigner, Killing Joke, Editors, Whitesnake, TC Matic, U2, Deep Purple, TheTina Turner, typical D-50 sounds, and much more.

The soundsets are available for purchase for 9.95 EUR each for a limited time (regular 11.95 EUR).

Encounters Media also offers sounds for the Korg X5D, M-Audio Venom, Roland D-50/D-550 & XP-80, and the Yamaha EX5 synthesizer.

More information: Encounters Media / Synth1 Godly Famous Banks


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What a jerk to start a contest about famous sounds for synth1 then later erase all the sounds and release his “own” patches for sale. I hope nobody buys this except to change the names of the presets and release it for free or for a torrent site.

I wonder how many of the sounds he studied from all the submissions and tweaked one knob ( like one notch) or something then called it his own. He probably just started the famous sounds contest to gather all the info he could study from other people with the sole intention of selling his “own” patches. You can still download a few of the famous ones from the original contest forum on the google drive account. Or if your like me just freeze frame his youtube video on each preset you want and just copy all the settings. I wonder… Read more »