Following the RICH mastering processor released earlier this year, 2getheraudio has announced a new audio plugin designed to make your drum tracks sound better.

RICH Drums offers smart compression, warm analog-modeled saturation, and ready-mix equalization.

2getherAudio RICH Drums

Following the huge success of our RICH mastering processor comes RICH Drums, a dedicated dynamics, EQ and imaging processor for your drum tracks. Just put RICH Drums on your stereo drum bus, step through the presets and listen to your drum tracks come alive.

RICH Drums features

  • A professional drum bus processor with with simple and expert editing options.
  • For use on drum submixes or individual drum tracks.
  • Adaptive Band Dynamics circuit for drum compression.
  • Multi frequency band control.
  • Includes 64-bit VST, AU and AAX effects plugins for compatibility with all DAWs.
  • Minimal CPU load.
  • Easy and Expert Modes for quick results and fine tune control.
  • Input and Output Trim Controls.

RICH Drums is a ‘pay what you like’ product, with a suggested price of $49 USD ($10 USD minimum).

More information: 2getheraudio