Moog Music has announced a new synthesizer experience that introduces a uniquely comprehensive approach to exploring modular synthesis.

Designed for beginner and seasoned synthesists alike, Moog Sound Studio includes all the tools and creative inspiration you need to embark on an immersive sonic adventure.

Each user begins their unique Moog Sound Studio journey by selecting an instrument combination that speaks to their musical style or sonic preference. Moog’s Mother-32 and DFAM synthesizers are a perfect pairing to anchor any electronic studio.

Moog Sound Studio

Mother-32 is a versatile performance and production synthesizer with a powerful step sequencer and 64 slots of sequence memory.

Its classic Moog voice delivers raw analog sound, deep Moog bass, and soaring synth leads, which complement DFAM‘s rich analog rhythms and percussive patterns.

For a more experimental journey with unexpected textures and sounds, choose the magical combination of Subharmonicon and DFAM.

Moog Sound Studio DFAM Subharmonicon

Subharmonicon is a rich sonic kaleidoscope of six-tone subharmonic chord shapes and polyrhythmic sequences, while DFAM presents an inspiring approach to drum synthesis and rhythmic pattern creation.

While each instrument is uniquely powerful alone, pairing two together creates an experience that will inspire you to create new sounds, unlock novel behaviors, synchronize patterns, and explore endless sonic possibilities.

Along with the chosen duo of semi-modular analog synthesizers, each Moog Sound Studio includes an audio mixer and power distribution hub, a two-tier rack mount kit, patch cables and a patch cable organizer, guided exercises and patch book, educational materials, games to encourage experimentation, custom artwork designed exclusively for Moog Sound Studio owners, and plenty of creative inspiration.

Moog Sound Studio Artwork

The perfect foray into Eurorack for those new to modular, as well as a creative tool for experienced synthesists to grow their sound design skills, Moog Sound Studio offers an inviting creative environment and experience for all.

Moog Sound Studio is available at the following pricing:

  • Mother-32 & DFAM: $1,399 USD.
  • Subharmonicon & DFAM: $1,449 USD.

More information: Moog Music