Synth Blade has recently released the Entropy sound pack for Serum, the popular wavetable synthesizer instrument by Xfer Records.

The soundset includes 25 presets, 32 custom made wavetables and 8 white noise samples. Every patch in the pack has was built on the included wavetables and has an assigned mod wheel along with four useful macros.

The style and genre of this pack could be described as Cinematic Electronica. With these presets you can easily create intense electronic tracks with complex textures, exciting rhythms and characterful distortion as well as atmospheric and cinematic Ambient tracks.

In simple terms, ENTROPY describes how chaotic a system is – The more chaos, the higher the entropy. It’s a fitting concept for this pack because you can regulate how diffused, distorted, noisy or glitchy the presets sound with the four macros and the mod wheel. The effects and modulations of these patches make Serum sound less digital and less predictable.

Containing 14 pads, 6 plucks and 5 stutters, the Entropy soundset is priced 15 EUR. You can save 30% on a purchase through September 30th, 2021.

More information: Synth Blade