VST Buzz is offering a discount of over 80% on the Octamorph FE instrument by Epic SoundLab for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The cross-morphing instrument and sound design tool offer a wealth of sound creation possibilities, making it perfect for Film, TV, Games composers and Sound Designers.

“Octamorph FE” is an 8 layers cross-morphing instrument and sound design tool for building complex soundscapes, morphing drones, shapeshifting risers and much more.

The Octamorph user interface is built for ease of use, giving you full access to all the features of the library in a single screen.

If you own a tablet, you can also use the basic templates for TouchOSC or Lemur that are included to fully enjoy the Octamorph morphing experience.

This edition is built around the drones section from Epic Sound Lab’s acclaimed library “The Forge“.

Octamorph FE features

  • 8 Layer of cross-morphing goodnes.
  • 100 presets in 6 categories including Complex Risers, Morphing Drones, Fly-Bys, Rhythmic Morphing Drones, Rhythmic Risers and Simple Risers.
  • XY Radar Monitor with Manual Axis Control.
  • 2 Scripted LFOs, 9 Waveforms per LF.
  • LFO Relative position and LFO Bia.
  • Scripted Riser Engin.
  • Loop/One-Shot mod.
  • LUFS Normalized Sample.
  • Effects including Doppler, Resonator, Equalizer, IR Rever.
  • Preset Scramble.
  • TouchOSC and Lemur Template.
  • Dedicated “User Init” to use your own samples.

Octamorph FE for Kontakt 5.1 or higher (full version) is available for just 9.99 EUR until December 13th, 2016 (regular 54.99 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz / Octamorph FE