Cut Through Recordings has announced the release of its new audio plugin EpicPRESS, a simple, yet powerful compressor effect that was designed to be as flexible as possible, giving you full control over your dynamics.

This plug-in features stereo-linked compressors to give a smooth and even compression across both channels, as well as automatic make-up gain. The one of a kind real-time display shows the threshold, knee, and output peak level in one.

EpicPRESS features

  • Attack, release, threshold, knee, and gain controls.
  • Automatic make-up gain.
  • Unique real-time display to visual the compression curve.
  • Feedback and feed-forward detection modes.
  • User controllable highpass filter in the detection circuit for smoother results.
  • Drive control modeled after tube saturation.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux in VST/VST3, AU, AAX and LV2 plugin formats, EpicPRESS is priced $35 USD.

More information: Cut Through Recordings