Eplex7 DSP has announced the release of Horror Springs 1, a virtual instrument featuring 10 multi-octave sound banks for Windows and macOS.

This easy to use multi-octave instrument contains a collection of dark soundscapes, horror pads, textures, atmospheric soundscapes, cinematic pads, physical modeled horror soundscapes, thriller pads, horror sound effects, apocalyptic sounds, scary synthesizers, mystical soundscapes, thriller strings, sounds from the tomb…

The sounds were created by unique methods as the playing with violin bows on the various springs and metallic horror instruments. Then they were recorded, re-sampled and effected, layered with virtual emulation (physical modeling) of similar instruments (springs, violins, contrabasses, horror strings and coils).

Results are unique sounding pads / textures for cinematic music or videogame music (horror, dark, dramatic, thriller, sci-fi, futuristic, war, action, fantasy, soundtracks, post apocalyptic, artistic films). But they can be used also in various styles of electronic music like hitech, hardcore, industrial, dark / experimental, ambient, techno / tekno, or intros / outros of various songs (drum & bass / neurofunk, hardcore, darkpsy hitech / psycore and more).

Horror Springs 1 runs in the free Eplex7 Player plugin (VST/AU), and it can also be used as an expansion library in other Eplex7 DSP’s plugin instruments. It is available at an introductory price of 5.90 EUR for a limited time (regular 7.90 EUR).

Additionally, Eplex7 DSP is offering up to 55% off on three plugin bundles until October 31st, 2021: Vintage analog bundle, Hitech darkpsy bundle, and Dark cinematic bundle.

More information: Eplex7 DSP