Eplex7 DSP has announced a follow-up to the Klerhaim monophonic analog synthesizer released last year.

Using similar virtual circuit emulation technology, Klerphonik is a polyphonic analog synthesizer that employs time-slot capsules to emulate sound variations from aging of synth components.

No, Klerphonik is not only extended version / polyphonic version of Klerhaim N1! It is a brand new synthesizer with a completely different sound, color and extended options. Klerphonik’s sound is different – more dynamic, more musical, subtle, more organic, colorful in the mids and highs, less bold and less saturated than Klerhaim N1. However, Klerphonik is still very analog, dirty, colored and spontaneous.

Thanks to analog circuit emulations is its sound constantly alive and ever-evolving. If you are looking for a organic analog sound, the opposite of digital sterility, try the demo version. It’s definitely not enough to listen to our youtube previews – youtube trims highs, screen-capturing reduces quality, streaming data compression enhances quality, and trims analog mojo.

Available for Windows (VST/Standalone), Klerphonik is on sale for the intro price of 29.90 EUR for the first 100 customers (regular 59 EUR).

More information: Eplex7 DSP