Tokyo Dawn Labs has announced some new tutorial videos featuring its audio effect plugins.

Mixing & mastering engineer and record producer Brandon S. Hire takes a deeper look into the subject of equal loudness monitoring and its effect on decision making in music production.

Equal loudness compensation is designed to prevent changes in post-processing level from tricking you into thinking you’ve made improvements to your tracks when the opposite may be true.

As a result this can prevent overprocessing, it can help you maintain headroom when it’s needed, can prevent fader creep in less experienced engineers, and is quite useful for maintaining objectivity when mixing or mastering.

In another video, Dan Worrall looks into the new “Smart Operations” feature found in several Tokyo Dawn Labs audio plugins, and shares a few tricks and thoughts.

The “SmartOps” feature is found in SlickEQ GE, SlickEQ M and Nova GE.

Smart Operations analyse the audio input’s spectral properties to allow running advanced Operations in dependence of this information. The system internally searches for the optimal plugin parameter settings for the case at hand, and sets them accordingly.

The operations cover a wide array of applications: Spectral matching against various references, detection and removal of static resonances, filter configuration tasks and more. Operations can be fine-tuned toward a specific frequency range and total extent of the effect (both negative to positive).

More information: Tokyo Dawn Labs