Genuine Soundware and Instruments has announced the release of a new six band visual equalizer with precise meterings, featuring a frequency analyzer and an IR-based preamp section.

Initially conceived as a simple parametric equalizer for a bigger project, EQuity has been expanded and then released as a separate plugin that can easily represent an inexpensive solution for DAWs or other musical environments where one or multiple instances of a simple yet powerful EQ is required.

The low CPU power requirement makes it perfect for being run in multiple instances on complex mixes.

GSi Equity

EQuity features

  • 4 fully parametric bands with -24/+24 dB gain.
  • First and last band can be either shelving or peak filters.
  • High-pass input filter and Low-pass output filter.
  • Bands can be heard in solo mode.
  • Stereo input vu-meters with readout values.
  • Stereo output vu-meters with readout values.
  • Output phase meter.
  • Switchable meter peak hold and release time.
  • Preamp section based on IR from high-end analog gear.
  • Resizable UI.

Available at GSi in VST/VST3, AU and standalone formats for Windows, Mac and Linux (experimental), EQuity is priced 25 EUR ex. VAT where applicable.