Eric Beam has released a number of new programs for Nebula 3, the software by Acustica Audio which allows authentic reproduction of hardware devices.

Eric Beam Iso Booth, RATuration & Amp Deluxe Nebula 3 programs

Eric Beam Iso Booth, RATuration & Amp Deluxe Nebula 3 programs.

New programs for Nebula 3

  • RATuration — “Vintage” mode rodent saturation/distortion with hefty low-end boost & bite. Captured @ 24bit/96k.
  • Amp Deluxe — Modified “Deluxe” amp with NOS JAN 6189w tubes, recorded via Hardy M1 preamps, includes:
    • Amp Deluxe Red – RED Type B microphone with R8 Lollipop.
    • Amp Deluxe MD1 – Hand built (Pre buy out) Model 1 tube microphone with NOS JAN tube.
    • Amp Deluxe PZM – Original Wahrenbrock PZM microphones & custom “wedge”. Off center alignment for true stereo imaging.
  • Iso Booth — Captured u87 & Earthworks m30 mics via a Neve console & treated Iso booth. The use of ambiance mics is a commonly used studio practice. It gives dimension without the heavy use of verb. Great for both vocal & instrument processing. Offset VST Plugin included (Windows only).

RATuration is available to purchase for $10 USD, Amp Deluxe is $30 and Iso Booth is $15 USD.

More information: Eric Beam