Eric Beam SPX990 Impulse Pack

Eric Beam has released the SPX990 Impulse Pack, a collection of impulse reponse samples from the Yamaha SPX990 multi effects processor.

Goal = capture the SPX990.

Captured with Lynx converters @ 24bit & the units maxium SR of 44,100.

The 990 is a studio gem. The European development team that helped create the presets really make this unit stand out from the rest of the series.

Contains IR’s from the REVERB: Reverb *2, Filtered Reverb *2, Stereo Reverb *1, Echo Room *2; EARLY REFLECTIONS: Thin Early Reflection *2, Fat Early Reflection *2, Gate Reverb *2, Reverse Gate *2 algorithms.

The SPX990 Impulse Pack is available as donationware.

Visit Signaltonoize for more information.