Eric Beam has released a number of new programs for Nebula, Acustica Audio’s software that emulates the character and personality of analog hardware with exacting accuracy.

Eric Beam Verb 5k, T-Res Filter & Moog 4pole

Verb 5k, T-Res Filter & Moog 4pole programs for Acustica Audio Nebula

New Nebula programs

  • Verb 5k, factory & user defined programs from the hardware 5k reverb (TC Electronic M5000). Programs: Vocal Wet, Vocal Dry, SlapHall, ManInBox, Church.
  • T-Res Filter, analog 24 dB pole lowpass filter transistor cascade from the JoMox T-Resonator.
  • Moog 4pole, analog 4 pole lowpass-resonant filter from the Moog Voyager RME. Programs: Moog 4pole Standard (FREE for a limited time), Moog 4pole Sharp, Moog 4pole Soft.

The Nebula programs are available to purchase starting at $3 USD.

More information: Signal To Noize