Erica Synths has announced its new sound shaping module Black Ring-Xfade, an extremely versatile module that consists of two unconventional ring modulators/waveshapers, and a crossfader that works both for audio and CV and a VCA.

Unlike a conventional ringmodulator that only works with a signal present on both signal and carrier inputs, the Black Ring-Xfade passes through the signal without alteration if no carrier is present. However, low level signals on the carrier input can result in unique waveshaping. Add the crossfader between two ringmodulators — or for external signals — topped up with the VCA, and you have an amplitude modulation powerplant for your modular system.

Black Ring-Xfade features

  • Dual ringmodulaotr/waveshaper.
  • Carrier level adjustment.
  • Voltage controlled crossfader.
  • Manual and CV control over crossfade.
  • Selectable AC (audio) or DC (control voltage) coupling.
  • VCA with selectable bias.

The Black Ring-Xfade is available now, priced 150 EUR (excl. VAT) / $189 USD.

More information: Erica Synths