Erica Synths has announced the Black LPG, a new Eurorack module that represents the company’s own take on the Lowpass Gate idea.

Erica Synths Black LPG

An ideal tool for wave shaping, beat refining, carving of low frequencies and many other applications, the Black LPG is an extremely versatile addition to any modular setup.

The new Eurorack module has been designed from scratch and features a 2nd order lowpass VCF (the original Buchla lowpass gate was 1st order VCF) and VCA combo with a distinct resonance circuit on top.

Other features include voltage control over VCF cutoff frequency/VCA offset and mode (VCF/VCF+VCA/VCA), as well as built in decay envelope generator — this makes it an extremely versatile tool for sound shaping!

Black LPG features

  • Three vectors for 2nd order VCF.
  • VCF/VCF+VCA/VCA modes.
  • Manual and voltage controlled cutoff/offset.
  • Manually and voltage controlled mode selection.
  • Manually resonance depth control.
  • Resonance overdrive switch.
  • Built in decay envelope generator.
  • Manually and voltage controlled decay time.
  • Envelope CV output.
  • Skiff-friendly design.

The Black LPG is now shipping, priced 170 EUR.

More information: Erica Synths