DA-Maxtorm v1.0

DA-Maxtorm v1.0 VSTi by Erick H. Cabrera is a freeware synth created with SynthEdit.


  • 2 Osc , with panning, tune (octave, semi & cent) ADSR and volume
  • Osc 1 (Pulse/Ramp/Saw): 1-8 voices, detune,
  • Osc 2 (Pulse/Triangle/Ramp/Saw/Sine/Pink Noise/White Noise): Pulse width and pulse modulation
  • Filter for each Osc, LP/HP/BP/BR with pitch and res
  • LFO (Pulse/Triangle/Ramp/Saw/Sine): 9 routes, rate and depth control
  • Back panel: LFO tempo sync, pulse width for LFO and Osc 1

DA-Maxtorm v1.0 is a free download.