Prime Loops has launched Life Forms, a sample pack by Erik Jackson featuring a collection of lo-fi and sci-fi inspired vintage synth sounds.

The pack contains arps, synths, pads bass and one shots bringing a dusty mix of analog and digital technology to your tracks.

The search for Lifeforms is complete. Step into the world of 16Bit – 27.7 kHz Electronica. A touch of modern sci-fi, processed with real lo-fi converters.

Utilizing the best synthesizers in the industry, recorded with ‘ bit of natural grit. Ripping bass lines, Luminous Pads, Euro rack Arps, Melodic Synth Lines and ‘ variety of Euro Rack One Shots, will surly provide many treats for producers. Why use cheap plug ins to get the vintage electronic’ sound? They never sound as good ‘s the real thing.

Lifeforms will bring ‘ dusty mix of analog and digital technology, mixing the best from what yesterday and today has to offer. Created from modern synthesizers and painstakingly recorded 17 seconds at a time.

The sample pack costs £15.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops