Tone2 FireBird

EternitySound has announced that its CrashCourse soundset for the FireBird synthesizer by Tone2 is now available as freeware.

CrashCourse is a bank of 76 patches for Tone2’s Firebird Synth. It takes you from the timid to brutal in seconds and back again with ease. This bank covers a wide spectrum from glorified organs to howling pads through to shimmiring keys and entrancing sequences.

This soundset contains both individual .fxp files and a .fxb bank file, all wrapped up in a single .zip file.

As Tone2 have now set Firebird free, I have decided to share the love and make this bank free as well. No funny business, no requirement for an account to be created on my site, nada. Just follow the link the to the KVRaudio user banks for download and enjoy ;)

More information: EternitySound