Organic Loops has launched a collection of Ethnic Woodwind loops and samples, featuring the sounds of the siku (zampona), nai and toyos panpipes, mizwad hornpipe, low whistle, low bamboo flute, fujara shepherds’ flute, Native American flute, tilinko (overtone) flute and bass flute.

From the mountains of South America to the deserts of North Africa and the valleys of Eastern Europe to the plains of North America comes this vast collection of enchanting and unique sounds, encompassing traditional and modern musical influences, and using an exotic array of flutes, pipes and woodwind instruments from across the globe!

Performed by Max Gittings and recorded and produced by Michael Tedstone, the team behind the popular Chinese Woodwind Loopmasters pack, this collection contains a huge array of samples, loops, one shots and impacts recorded on a bewildering variety of rarely used ethnic woodwind instruments, such as the Mizwad from Tunisia, the Fujara from Slovakia and the Toyos from Bolivia.

Also available is World Drums & Tuned Percussion, a collection that comes packed with beautifully recorded and produced percussive sounds to bring a new sense of inspiration to your rhythm sections.

Organic World contains over 100MB of gorgeous percussion and drum loops & one-shots. Congas, shakers, mallets, semba percussion, tablas, kalimbas, balafon, woodblocks, modular percussion and many more are all blended perfectly into one metric care package, with some additional tonal and FX content to kickstart your next arrangement and get you well on your way to incorporating world & percussion sounds into your music.

The packs are available at Loopmasters starting from £9.95 GPB.