AmpTrack Technologies has announced that its has announced the addition of Europa from Reason Studios to the growing arsenal of virtual instruments in its Amped Studio online DAW.

Europa is an impressive wave table synthesizer that is loaded with features and controls to shape and customize your sound.

If you are familiar with the basics of synthesis, there are 3 synth engines and highly developed spectral filters to work with and if not, there are a ton of great sounding presets to choose.

Amped Studio has integrated Europa as a WAM, the online plugin format they are supporting for the creation of a web-based plugin format for effects and instruments. In the Amped Studio Shop you can demo Europa directly from the web page. On the same web page there is a video tutorial from music tech blogger, “Composing Gloves”, on using Europa in Amped Studio which will get you up to speed fast.

“We are very excited to offer Europa to Amped Studio users as the first 3rd party WAM” says Bil Bryant from Amped Studio. “To demo the synth directly from the shop that includes a two bar step sequencer to demo and have a learning tutorial all on the same web page is a great way to learn and demo a product. It´s the first of its kind”, continues Bryant.

“It’s thrilling to offer Europa, our flagship Reason instrument, to web musicians using Amped Studio,” says Timothy Self, Chief Experience Officer at Reason Studios. “We can’t wait to hear the new sounds and music they create.”

You can purchase Europa for $4 USD/month or $29 USD/yearly on a subscription basis or $49 USD for a perpetual license. A free trial version is available.

More information: Amped Studio