Avid has announced continued momentum of Avid Everywhere within the European professional audio market. Adoption of the award-winning modular control surface Avid Pro Tools | S6 by leading sound companies, music studios and post production houses continues to increase throughout the region in substantial numbers.

Providing the most intuitive, immersive mixing workflows for modern sound engineers and designers, the Pro Tools | S6 control surface, with a first-of-its-kind modular design, functions as the perfect front-end to the Avid MediaCentral™ Platform, the most open, end-to-end media management and distribution platform in the industry.

Halo Post Production invested in a customized S6-M40 desk, enhanced with an integrated Pro Tools | HDX system, to add to the workflow at its award-winning London facility. John Rogerson, CEO of Halo, said, “After my first day mixing on the S6 control surface in Halo’s Studio 5, I loved it. It was totally intuitive and easy to understand. I’m very impressed.”

Arttu Peljo & Jukka Immonen, co-owners and producers of Finnish music production company and studios The Fried Music, are experiencing the benefits of two Avid S6-M40 systems. “Since we work with all areas of music production and use different DAWs, EUCON support is a big deal,” Arttu said. “The modular possibilities are also impressive since we’re able to design the perfect console, just for us.”

As the largest cultural and concert venue in Hungary, Palace of Arts requires a massive technical infrastructure and smooth, efficient workflows. Investment in two S6-M10 configurations of the desk, one of the smaller, more compact editions in the range, was due to the scalability and ability to control multiple DAWs.

Audio engineer Tamas Dragon at Hungary’s Palace of Arts said, “Being prepared, flexible and well-organized is essential. We need tools that can properly serve our needs against very demanding deadlines. We chose the Avid S6-M10 configuration as it offers the best range of capabilities because we’re not just using our two S6 surfaces for post production, but also for live broadcast and webcast mixes. What I really love is that after a few hours into the mix, it already felt like a natural extension.”

Based in Paris, radio producer RTL2 is utilizing two smaller S6-M10 desks for around-the-clock broadcasting. Christian Reynaud, sound production manager, said, “Working with the S6 is like upgrading from a Clio to a Mercedes: it has so much more power, comfort and class.”

Other sound companies handling broadcast, post production and music production across Europe that have invested in Pro Tools | S6 include Deluxe Media in France, Ad Hoc in Spain, Laserfilm in Italy, Rotor Film in Germany, Prime Studio in Austria and Pama Studios in Sweden, among others.

“As an integral part of the most trusted studio systems in the world, Pro Tools | S6 reinforces Avid’s position at the forefront of professional sound innovation,” said Jeff Rosica, senior vice president and chief sales & marketing officer at Avid. “With demand growing in Europe, and around the world, Avid is poised to help sound professionals from every sector to address the challenges of this rapidly evolving industry and take on even the most complex projects.”

More information: Avid / Avid Pro Tools | S6