Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Physion audio effect plugin by Eventide, offering a 72% discount for a limited time.

Eventide Audio Physion

A versatile tool for sound designers, Physion uses Eventide’s Structural Effects technology to split and manipulate audio, allowing you to create and explore sounds never heard before.

It allows you to split a sound into its transient and tonal parts, independently manipulate them using Eventide’s world-class effects and then fuse them back together. With the ability to add effects and dynamic controls to the transient and tonal sections, you can produce a wide range of effects, from the subtle to the extreme.

Physion features

  • Split audio into “Transient” and “Tonal” components.
  • Radically re-shape a sound by soloing the Tonal and Transient channels. Tighten up drums by dropping the tonal section, or tune a guitar into an ambient sweep by losing the transients.
  • Split, modify and reassemble any sound.
  • Fine-tune the split using the four “Structural Split” controls.
  • 6 Transient effects: Delay, Tap Delay, Dynamics, Phaser, Reverb, Gate + EQ.
  • 7 Tonal effects: Delay, Compressor, Pitch, Chorus, Reverb, Tremolo, EQ.
  • Waveform display for clear tracking of Transient/Tonal audio in real time.
  • Artists presets include Richard Devine, Chris Carter, Suzanne Ciani, Joe Chiccarelli, John Agnello, Stewart Lerman, Steve Rosenthal, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and more.

Physion is on sale for only $49 USD / 49 EUR until April 1st, 2020 (regular $179 USD). The plugin supports VST, AU and AAX formats.

More information: Eventide Audio