Available with the V1.5 upgrade to Yamaha’s flagship Rivage PM10 live sound console is the new Eventide H3000 LIVE plug-in.

Eventide H3000 LIVE plugin

Eventide’s developers worked hand in hand with Yamaha’s team to incorporate the most sought-after classic sounds from the H3000 Harmonizer® effects processor.

With H3000 LIVE integrated into the state-of-the-art RIVAGE PM10 console, Front of House engineers have the most requested presets from the venerable H3000 at their fingertips.

Factory presets included are:

101 Layered Shift   518 Micro + Reverb
102 Slap Back   520 Micro-Reverb
116 Multi Shift   521 Micro Pitch-Slap
508 Dual H910 Micro   528 Real Chorus
514 Just Stereo   988 Real Chorus 2
519 MicroPitchShift   763 Moving Vocal Spread
515 Magic Air   613 Big Guitar
533 Voice Doubler   731 Mondo Chorus

More information: Eventide / Yamaha Rivage PM10